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Archive for May 2018

Building A Wealth Focused Mindset

Do you ever wonder why you haven’t “made it” yet? Chances are you haven’t upgraded your thinking. We’ve talked about upgrading your relationships and skills and about input vs. output. But have you put all of those together? Becoming a better person professionally and personally takes commitment and hard-work. Have you given any thought into upgrading your thinking? To…

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Develop An Appetite For Your Dreams

What are you hungry for? What is it that is fueling your drive and your passion? What are your goals? Are they legitimate desires or fake hunger? Let me explain.  Your fake hungers may be distracting you. It is important to identify them and then hunger for something tangible and real.  Need for Approval  When we…

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Become A Wealth Magnet

Some people seem to attract all the opportunities, and with opportunities comes wealth. But what if I told you that becoming a wealth magnet is simpler than you think. At our freedom events, we share 10 Wealth Magnets. Today, I’ll share three of them with you. You’ll have to attend one of our events to get the rest. For now, here is…

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Do You Need A Change?

For some, opportunity is missed because it is difficult to let go of all you have worked for up to this point. It’s hard to let go when you’ve put hard work into one direction, even if that direction is taking you nowhere. I get it. I do. I’ll use a personal example to be clear.  I once opened…

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How Consistent Are You?

We’ve talked about consistency before but are you implementing this important tip? When you wake up every morning do you have a game plan in place or are you still just winging it?   If you have not created a daily agenda, stop what you are doing right now and put one together. This is top priority…

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How to Have High-Value Relationships

To find success, you need to build a network. If you are just starting out, how do you begin to build high-value relationships? Where do you begin?  Simple. You begin with you.   Success does not magically appear because you wish for it. Relationships do not form because you want them to. There has to be more than “want.” There has…

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