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Business Mindset

What Will Your Life Look Like If You Do Nothing?

Let me ask you a question: what will your life look like if you don’t make some different decisions? Are you happy with where you’re at? Chances are, if you’ve found this post, then you’re asking yourself the same question.  What does your life currently look like? Are you working a 9-to-5 job? Are you spending your time on the…

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How To Realign Your Focus

Once you’ve set your mind to something, there are three things that can derail you – and all three have to do with where your focus lies. Emotions easily eat up time. If you aren’t in touch with where you are mentally, then surprises will pop up that take you off course.   Let me explain.  #1: Worry  Worry is the top distraction of focus. It’s…

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How Do You Define You

Do you know who you are? Sometimes how we define ourselves limits us from moving forward. Our perceived definitions keep us within our comfort zone rather than encourage us to move forward. If you are stuck in the same day-to-day cycle and have stopped pursuing your dreams, then it’s time to redefine yourself. It is…

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How to Deal with the Critics 

We all have them – those voices in our heads that tell us we can’t, we aren’t good enough, or we aren’t smart enough. We can train those voices through mindset practices and intentionality. It’s the negative voices that surround us that become the most difficult.   So how do we deal with the critics in our lives? Their opinions become like black holes that suck the motivation and hope from our dreams.…

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Success Leaves Clues

To find personal success, start by imitating people around you who are successful.   How do you find them?  Well, that’s simple: success leaves clues.   Look for the dreamers.  Look for the people who think big, who problem-solve, who see the solutions before the problem is evident to the rest of the world. Look for the dreamers and become one.  Ask them…

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Four Keys to Personal Power

Let’s define personal power. A short definition is “the influence and authority an individual has over his or her followers.” The actual power you exhibit is controlled by your followers, not you.   But you can become a person worth following.  That’s on you.  Below are four key traits that leaders worth following have. It’s your responsibility to grow in these areas in order to become an effective leader.  …

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How to Develop a Winning Attitude

When obstacles appear, what do we do with them? Excuses are easy to come by.  The difference between those who have a winning attitude and those who do not is in how they handle the obstacle. Remember: only 3 percent will succeed, and 97 percent are left behind.   To have a winning attitude, you must take…

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How to Become an Overachiever

How to become an overachiever

Have you ever wondered why some people are more successful than others?   If you have, then you’re already ahead of the game. Most people – in fact, I’d say 97 percent of the population – think they know the answer. They think it has to do with luck. Instead of taking the initiative, they have yielded to the three greatest enemies of success:   Being stuck in comfort.  Learned…

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Helping Heal with Jose’s Hands

Jose's Hands Helping Families Inspiring Medical Students

What are you doing right now to make the world a better place?  When you think about creating your best life, does it involve the ability to give and to give big?   Because of the lifestyle we have created with LDI, we are able to partner with nonprofits such as Jose’s Hands to invest in charities we truly believe in.      …

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How to Achieve Anything You Want

how to achieve anything you want

There are some who appear to achieve anything and everything they want. How can you be that person? How can you achieve anything? The answer is simple. Ask. Begin with a question. What is it you want? You must define the goal before you begin to chase it. Be clear and specific. Describe in detail…

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