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Business Strategies

Are You Stuck in a Poverty Mindset?

Your behavior has to precede your results.  You go into business to make money. You must be deliberate early on. Start thinking about what you are going to do to make your money work for you, and begin building wealth from day one. If you go into a business with the goal of only breaking even or creating a…

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Are You Ready for Success in 2018?

As we head into the New Year, it’s a perfect time to reflect on the old.   Did you set goals in 2017, and did you meet them? What were they? Do you remember?    I want to challenge you over the next few days to spend time thinking over the last year. Journal what worked and what didn’t. Think through some of the challenges in…

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The Secret Formula For Success

What if I told you today that there’s a formula for success and you can implement it starting immediately?   The formula is simple. A + B = C. Simple.  Andrew and I have been demonstrating it since day one. It is why we are where we are. All you have to do is apply it, and you’ll be traveling right alongside…

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What Creates Success?

what creates success

What creates success? Or, perhaps the question you really have is: “Is there a secret formula for success?”  While there isn’t a secret formula, there are some character traits prevalent in those who are successful. Most of these traits can be learned by creating habits. (Read: 3 Habits of Wealthy Entrepreneurs.)   The following are just several of the traits that lead to success.  Job descriptions are platforms. …

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The Power of Quick Decision-Making

The Power of Quick Decision Making

Some decisions will be bad decisions and will have to be recovered. Knowing this reality, you may feel frozen in decision-making. How do you know 100 percent that the decision you are making is the right one?   Simply put, you can’t.   You collect as much of the data as possible. You weigh the effect on others if you are…

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What’s The Best Way To Make Money From Home?

The questions bears asking: ‘What’s the best way to make money from home?’ By now, just about everyone knows that opportunities abound online to make money, but a more important question to ask is, ‘How do I know which opportunities are real and which ones aren’t?’ I think we have all seen things like: –…

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Becoming The Champion You Were Born To Be

I know that some may challenge me on this, but I firmly believe that every single person on this planet was born to become a champion. However, let me clarify a few things before we move forward. Being a champion does not mean that every person will become a great political or governmental leader. Being…

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4 Questions To Ask About Any Business Opportunity

With almost a decade of results… …under my belt and another business outside the direct-sales industry that healthily pays whatever bills I create for myself, I am in a unique position to be very selective about what I engage in and how I view opportunities in the “home-based business” industry. Frankly, home-based business is a…

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Why Doesn’t Everyone Do These Things?

Lessons From Real Estate A friend of mine who just got his real estate license was telling me this morning some interesting stats: 70 percent of people who get their license don’t renew their license after their first year and that of the 30 percent who do, 80 percent of them have fewer than three…

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