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Archive for July 2017

Becoming The Champion You Were Born To Be

I know that some may challenge me on this, but I firmly believe that every single person on this planet was born to become a champion. However, let me clarify a few things before we move forward. Being a champion does not mean that every person will become a great political or governmental leader. Being…

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Are You A 3 Percenter?

There are two groups of people in this life: the 97 percent and the 3 percent. The 97 percenters are the ones who follow the masses and let someone else decide their futures for them. They are the ones who like to fit into nicely designed cubicles and are the “worker drones” that so many in the world are…

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You Are What You Consume

It is so vast the difference between what we accomplish when we are puttering along on “average” brain fuel versus what we accomplish when we properly nourish our minds. Our minds are impacted by what we “feed” them just as much as our bodies are. We’ve all heard “you are what you eat”; I prefer…

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