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3 Ways to Predict Your Financial Future

If you are doing these three things, your financial future is on the path to success.  

#1 What books do you read (or listen to)? 

Predictor #1 of your financial future is found on your bookshelf. What books do you read or listen to? In order to be successful, your input must be greater than your output. Topics should focus on entrepreneur training, mindset, and marketing. In addition to reading or listening to books on these topics, tune in to podcasts from thought leaders. These are more available today than ever before.  

Do you have an input strategy? Are you deliberate about what you consume?  If you are not deliberate you will default to whatever is in front of you. It’s not much different than eating whatever is handed to you. If you don’t take ownership of your food choices, your body will pay for it. The same goes for your mind. You have to take ownership of your future by training your brain!  

#2 Who do you associate with? 

Who are the people you surround yourself with? This isn’t just the people in your immediate circle. Those people are important; but this includes the mentors you follow and model. Do you invest time and money to go to their conferences, take their classes, and learn from them? 

Who is in your tribe?  

#3 What are your daily disciplines?  

What do you do every day that adds to your productivity? You need to keep score in every discipline. Here’s the thing, no one stands still. You are either moving forward or backward. The only way to move forward is through consistent daily disciplines.  

What are you doing to increase your marketing skills daily? To generate leads? If you can’t answer these questions, then stop what you are doing and be intentional about a plan.  

Think through the first 2 hours of your day. What are you doing to start your mornings? Daily disciplines need to become as natural and regular as brushing your teeth!  

Good News 

If you are doing the above three, great! You are on your way toward success. If not, no worries. You can start today! Being aware of where you need to improve is the first step toward change.  

Remember, as you begin to develop your input strategy, redefine your tribe, and create daily disciplines to keep it simple. Chip away at these three and your financial future will be successful.  

To learn more, watch our 16 Steps to 6 Figures and discover how you can earn while you learn!  

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