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Meet Our Founders

Jeff Lerner - CEO and Co-Founder

Co-founder of Lifestyle Design International, owner of award winning digital marketing agency Xurli, author, speaker, and more... throughout his 20s Jeff spent most of his nights working as a jazz pianist and most of his days trying not to be a "starving artist" for the rest of his life. After multiple start ups across various fields that stalled or fizzled, including a restaurant franchise debacle that left him over $400,000 in debt at the age of 28, Jeff finally found his true business calling with the world of online marketing.

Within 2 years Jeff had more than paid off his debts and was ranked one of the top 300 monthly producers in all of home-based business worldwide, using the Internet to outperform leaders with decades of experience and teams of thousands. In 2010 Jeff took a position in New york City as COO of a leading online marketing firm that had helped pioneer the "top tier direct selling" industry, gaining invaluable experience in operations and enterprise management.

In 2011 Jeff created the "T3FP formula" and began teaching it online with a simple YouTube video. It grew into his own system with over 50,000 users and has become the bedrock of an entire industry, anchoring over $250 million in direct response sales to date for multiple companies founded by his students.

His own T3FP implementations have yielded 3 multi-million dollar companies and helped him create his own "not-quite-4-hour-work-week-but-close". He spends most of his time with his wife and 4 children either traveling or enjoying the beautiful Southern Utah landscape where he lives.

Andrew J. Cass - President and Co-Founder

Andrew Cass was born and raised just outside of Boston, MA and currently resides in Miami, FL with his wife and two children. He attended Hofstra University in New York where he graduated in 1995 with a degree in Business Administration (BBA). He was also a member of the NCAA Division 1 Hofstra football team.

Andrew is a 22-year sales and marketing veteran, a proud Renegade Entrepreneur, best selling author of Sales Velocity, and a trusted advisor to many private clients...

Today, he is the Co-Founder and President of Lifestyle Design International, a training organization dedicated to Building The Complete Entrepreneur.


His work has been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX as well as the South Florida Business Journal, The Wall Street Journal, Success Magazine, Newsweek Magazine and USA Today.

Andrew spends most of his free time with his wife and his two young children, Nicolas and Alessia. He enjoys reading, playing golf, weight lifting, Budakon training and an occasional cigar and a Macallans Scotch with close friends.


Meet The Team

Karl Bessey - Chief Operating Officer

With almost 20 years in the sales arena and a decade of owning and running the longest and most successful top tier company to date, Karl has joined the LDI team as the Chief Operations Officer.

Karl is an award winning marketer and, while running a very successful business, has worked and become friends with some of the world’s most celebrated speakers, educators, political figures, health and nutrition experts and the most brilliant minds in the sales and marketing arena today.

Grateful for his blue collar background, Karl has always been a huge advocate of rooting for the underdog and giving a hand up to others in need. He has trained thousands of people from around the world through personal appearances on stage, conference calls and webinars.

In his “away from work time” Karl enjoys hanging out with his three beautiful children, six grandchildren and his wonderful circle of life-long friends in central Utah. He loves cooking, exploring new places and visiting friends from all parts of the globe as a world traveler. But it’s the great outdoors he loves the most: riding his Harley, snowmobiling, backpacking, fly fishing and anything that has the “call of the wild” attached to it! Karl is committed to providing an amazing customer experience for all LDI members and is excited to be a part of the LDI leadership team.

Jordan Mederich - Chief Marketing Officer

Jordan is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and international internet marketer from near Minneapolis, MN.

His work has been seen on every major news outlet including NBC, CBS, ABC, TLC, and even on Netflix. He's created some of the highest grossing offers online and worked alongside the titans of marketing to achieve over $50 million in results and growing.

His eye for visual design and intuitive workflows means extremely fast and efficient outcomes for entrepreneurs. Jordan also loves to fish, pontoon, oil-paint landscapes, play guitar and drums, and spend time with his wife and 2 year old son.

Ashley Roberts - V.P. of Member Services

Ashley Roberts, our V.P. of Member Services, has been with the company since the early stages. She's played an active role in helping grow the company in past positions as well as in her present role. A real go-getter, Ashley is always coming up with challenges for the crew and for herself, then exceeding her goals.

Ashley got her start in customer service, and it's where her heart lies. Before joining the Orem team, she worked as a cosmetologist. She then managed the entire B2B sales floor, helping the sales crew to set and exceed both daily quotas long range goals.

In her current role, Ashley manages the Orem sales floor, assists with event planning, and takes care of our members at events. Ashley thrives on friendly competition, which makes her such an inspiring leader to the Orem sales crew. While she enjoys a good competition, it's helping others find success that really makes Ashley feel proud. She tracks all sales and keeps the sales associates motivated. Ashley personally reaches out to as many new LDI members as possible, welcoming them to the LDI family.

She knows more than almost anyone what members want and need, and she is always thinking about how to better achieve her professional goals. Ashley thrives on detail orientation and knows all about the inner workings of the sales floor, sales screening, back end procedures, and goal tracking.

A native of Utah County, Ashley enjoys spending time with her family when she is not at work. She has two children, ages 5 and 6 - one boy and one girl! They enjoy music and travel, and currently live in Utah County.

David Nayavich- Creative Director

To say that Dave is a pioneer and thought leader when it comes to direct response design is an understatement. Having built his Direct Response Web Agency to well over 4000 clients in less than 5 years, Dave quickly became the “go-to” guy for Internet Marketers and Infopreneurs (information product entrepreneurs), leading the charge behind some of the most profitable product launches to date on the Internet.

While attending Wilkes University for Business Administration and Graphic Design, Dave started his first internet business – “The N.E.P.A. Network”. His company was quickly acquired by a large local media firm… and that’s when his entrepreneurial drive really kicked in. Dave has since gone on to build several successful online businesses over the past two decades, including a wholesale merchandising company, an information product publishing company, and was a founding partner in a direct sales company that shattered many sales records.

His greatest accomplishment? “Being married to my best friend for 31 years and raising 5 amazing children who have grown up to be compassionate, loving and respectful to others and always look for the good in everyone. If I accomplish nothing else, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.”

When Dave isn’t toiling over his next pixel perfect masterpiece, you’ll often times find him playing golf with his sons. He also loves chillin’ poolside, listening to some Bruce Springsteen, puffing on an occasional Marlboro menthol… maybe even sippin’ a Landshark Ale – most likely with his 200 pound Newfoundland “Bruno” by his side.

Mckensie Fink - Member Services

Mckensie is part of our Member Services team. She sets up our Freedom and Premium members, and even welcomes new Freedom and Premium members with personal phone calls.

It's Mckensie who keeps our back offices running smoothly so the whole Member Services team can do their jobs. Thanks to Mckensie's previous experience with medical billing and payments, she also keeps up with payments from our members. She's responsible for checking that customer payments go through, and for double checking that recurring payments have been processed in time.

Before joining the Orem team, Mckensie worked in a medical office. There, she was responsible for medical billing and for tracking down past due payments from customers. While she works in an office now, her educational background is in forensics and medical anatomy. Mckensie also obtained a CNA (certified nursing assistant) degree in 2016, after she had her son.

Mckensie has one child, and she and her fiance are currently planning their wedding. A native of Provo Utah, she's happy that she gets to work so close to her roots. Mckensie loves spending time away from work with her family and her puppy, especially when they can take a trip to the ocean. Hiking, camping, playing sports, and four wheeling over the sand dunes are some of her favorite ways to wind down. Yet Mckensie is also up for adventure, and she loves traveling to see new places. We could not be happier to have her as part of our team.

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