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Are You Living In “I Have To” or “I Choose To” 

What does your life look like right now? If you’re to-do-list is full of “I Have Tos” then you are doing life wrong. Your to-do-list should look more like mine — full of “I Choose Tos.” Take control of your life and start TODAY. 

Periodically take a good hard look at your routine. Make it deliberate. Don’t let life just happen, take control of it. Live a life of your choosing not of your circumstances. Choose the life you live. In case you don’t know this, you only get one so you better make it count.  

As an entrepreneur, the reality is that you are one personal mismanagement away from losing everything. If you don’t build the right habits and disciplines then you won’t succeed. You have to learn to say, “No” to the right things to free you up to say, “Yes” to what is important. You have to know your goals and whether opportunities that are presented line up with those goals.  

Lifestyle Design International is not for everyone. Why? Because entrepreneurship takes grit and hustle. Only 3% of you reading this have what it takes. This is hard work, let’s not sugar coat it. When you own your own company and you miss a Monday, what’s the economical disadvantage of that? Is it worth taking a sick day? Is it worth taking a mental health day? You have to want this for it to work.  

Successful behavior must become habitual. What does this look like? Here are just a few of the habits you need to develop: 

I used to live in the “I Have Tos.” At 28 years old, I was $400,000 in debt due to a failed restaurant franchise. I was miserable, and my life was falling apart. But I was also determined to not stay there. I wanted to live a life of my own choosing, not a life that just happened to me. It was during this time that I found my true calling in the world of online marketing. Within 2 years, I had more than enough to pay off my debts and was ranked one of the top 300 monthly producers in all of home-based businesses worldwide. Since then, I created and have been teaching the “T3FP formula,” which has yielded 3 multi-million-dollar companies and frees me to spend time living the life of my dreams.  

I learned the hard way by falling on my face and deciding that my dissatisfaction to live in the “I Have Tos” was just as strong as my desire to live in the “I Choose Tos.” Today, I’m offering you that same knowledge through our 16 Steps to 6 Figures. This isn’t for everyone. It’s only for the dreamers and the doers. It’s only for the 3% dedicated to success 


  1. Nancy Wright on March 30, 2018 at 10:33 pm

    Hey Jeff I’ve been searching & searching and for some unknown reason I can not find the book you wrote. I would like to purchase it. You have been such a wonderful mentor that I know that there must be more words of wisdom in your book that will help me grow. I know you are a busy person but I really want your book. I would appreciate your help. Thank you.

  2. Lynette Charles on April 16, 2018 at 11:17 am

    Hi my name is Lynette, a lot of us know and understand what I just read but yet as you say within the fall back into the pass and look at our values and get stuck today I think as you said we should only move forward because time only Moves forward if we get stuck in the past and I passed shows us that we have failed many times we will never succeed in life so what I’ve read this now it’s so true in the back thank you

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