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Are You Ready for Success in 2018?

As we head into the New Year, it’s a perfect time to reflect on the old.  

Did you set goals in 2017, and did you meet them? What were they? Do you remember?   

I want to challenge you over the next few days to spend time thinking over the last year. Journal what worked and what didn’t. Think through some of the challenges in your professional and personal life and whether or not you could have handled them differently.  

Then take a step back and ask yourself if you are where you want to be financially.  

Did you set a plan at the beginning of the year for financial growth?  

Did you arrive?  

As you look to 2018, do you have debt that still needs to be eliminated?  

Are you building your net worth through assets, or are you focused on paying bills with income?  

Is your profession capable of helping you reach the goals you have set financially and personally?  

Money isn’t the goal of business, but it is the barometer by which we measure the success of a company. The tools we use can dramatically increase the process by which we achieve success. If you are not making enough financially to pay off debts and live into your best life, then it’s time to take a hard look at what you are doing and whether or not adjustments need to be made.  

Are you open to change?  

Are you ready for some life-changing advice? 

If you’re focused on your income, you’re doing it wrong. Successful people focus on their net worth and create wealth that builds while they sleep. It isn’t about exchanging hours for dollars but rather learning to work smarter.  

As you move into 2018, here are a few thoughts to help you focus as you build and implement your goals. 

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