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Are Your Habits Intentional?

Are you focusing on your habits, deliberately choosing them or are they haphazardly controlling you?  

Perhaps you haven’t realized this yet, but you make a million different choices every day. Those choices are largely influenced by the habits you have developed over the years. There is so much information in this world to process that you simply can’t exert the energy into every single thing that comes your way. Instead, your brain automatically goes into autopilot mode and relies heavily on habits to guide you.  

If you are here right now and reading this, I’m going to assume you are an entrepreneur or at least want to be. If you aren’t and are content in your 9 to 5 job, then you landed here by mistake and need to re-Google the question that got you here. This isn’t for you. You’re not part of the 3% I’m talking to.   

We, as entrepreneurs, long to be unique, to belong, and to have meaning and purpose. That’s why it’s so important to create your “why”. Andrew will talk more about the “why” on Thursday. For now, know that to get from the dream in your head to the realization of the dream, you MUST form purposeful, deliberate habits to lead to those goals.  


First, identify habits that are getting in your way. I have a pretty good idea of one. The inability to say “no” to those things that sound good but do not line up with your goals. You need to focus.  

Chances are you aren’t even aware of all of your habits. After all, habits allow us to function on autopilot. Become aware! Start journaling. Discover when it is in your day that you fall into this destructive rabbit hole of habits. Discover what sets you off into autopilot, habit mode. Write down everything. Be accountable. Keep track.  

The only way to change a habit is to identify it. Once identified, you must understand what triggers each habit. Now that you’ve got the habit and the trigger identified, you can begin taking the necessary small steps to change the routines in your life that got you where you are.  

Replace the bad habits with good ones! That’s the big secret, the AHA moment that gets you from being a dreamer to being a doer.  

Be deliberate about the habits you create and the habits you reject. Learn to take control of your future success and stop walking through life unconscious. Take action, take ownership, step up to the plate, be the CEO of you and take responsibility for the success in your life.   

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