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Episode 4 – “Productivity Triggers For Entrepreneurs”

      “Your Success is determined by your daily agenda.” This is a quote I heard long ago from Leadership Expert John Maxwell when I first began working for myself as an Entrepreneur. Key phrase: “working for myself.” You see, all of us are essentially wired to get up, dress a certain way and go…

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How to Achieve Anything You Want

There are some who appear to achieve anything and everything they want. How can you be that person? How can you achieve anything? The answer is simple. Ask. Begin with a question. What is it you want? You must define the goal before you begin to chase it. Be clear and specific. Describe in detail…

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Building The Complete Entrepreneur Powerful Online and Live Training Events To Empower Business Owners, Influencers, and Leaders   Lifestyle Design International helps entrepreneurs achieve total fulfillment through tools, resources, and training in “The 5 Ms”: Mission, Mindset, Marketing, Money, and Management. Take Your Final Step To Freedom Lifestyle Design International exists for one purpose: To…

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