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Becoming The Champion You Were Born To Be

I know that some may challenge me on this, but I firmly believe that every single person on this planet was born to become a champion. However, let me clarify a few things before we move forward.

Being a champion does not mean that every person will become a great political or governmental leader. Being a champion does not necessarily mean that a person needs to become an owner of a large corporation.

Being a champion simply means that each individual will live up to his or her God-given potential and live an extraordinary life within that potential. Being a champion does not always mean an individual needs to amass a hundred million dollars. My point is that becoming a champion means becoming an extraordinary human being, accomplishing your greatest goals and aspirations.

The question remains: how does one develop his or her potential and unleash the giant within? While there are many ways to do so, in this blog post let’s focus on five ways.

1. Look Within to See the Greatness You Were Born With
My firm belief is that we all have greatness in our own unique ways locked up within, and therefore we must look within to both see that potential and release it.

Set aside a few minutes each day, at the beginning of each month or quarter and at a minimum once a year to mediate on what is on the inside of you. Ask yourself questions like: “What are my greatest aspirations? What are the things in this life that I long to do? What kind of person do I need and want to become?”

You get the right answers when you start with the right questions. The list above is simply a starting point. Who you become begins with who you believe you are (in relative relation to your goals, dreams, and aspirations). To say it another way: as you think so you become.

2. Look Without (externally) to Develop the Greatness Within
Every great leader wasn’t born a great leader. Each and every one had to have guidance, leadership, and a helping hand along the way.

Every one of us has had or will have mentors presented to us in our journeys in life, and it is our responsibility to be looking for those leaders in our paths designed to help us develop the greatness we all have within.

3. Setting Goals and Creating a Plan
The greatest dreams rarely amount to much more than that when not put to paper. History’s greatest leaders have rarely been without paper and pen, boldly engineering their future plans and journeys-to-be. When goals and dreams are left within the mind, they more easily go stale, fizzle, and fade. Beyond that, our greatest desires must be properly laid out in writing to hold ourselves accountable as well as serve as reminders of the paths meant for us.

Never let yourself fall prey to keeping your dreams within. When you lay your plans out today in an organized fashion, it is only then that you can truly be prepared for tomorrow.

4. Course Correction and Assessment
Every object in motion in our universe today eventually needs minor course corrections. It’s simply part of the human experience, and ignoring this important fact is neither wise nor advisable.

5. Faith and Patience
Have you ever spoken with someone who had the greatest of intentions but never followed though? How did that feel to you after hearing or seeing that occur in somebody else’s life? Has that ever happened to you? I think it’s happened to all of us at one point or another.

The takeaway is for each of us to be mindful on a ongoing basis of the fact that it takes time and patience (and some faith) to see the fullness of our greatest goals, desires, and aspirations come to pass.

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