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Being The CEO of You  

There are 3 core principles that every CEO focuses on: Money, Marketing, and Mindset. You must develop a strategy around these 3 Ms. Your behavior as the CEO must produce the results you are striving for. CEOs do not arrive by mistake; every step that is taken is deliberate. They are intentional in their climb for success. You must be too. 


As the CEO of you, you cannot wait until you make money to learn how to make money. That doesn’t work. You must educate yourself prior to making money in order to make money. Otherwise, you will find your business to be more costly then productive. You must be intentional in your pursuit of profit.  


The same is true in marketing. In business, marketing is everything. You do not become a master promoter overnight. You have to be a student of marketing. You have to be a lifelong learner. What are you reading? What are you studying? Who are you following who has already succeeded in marketing? You must have a marketing game plan to succeed.  

Pay attention to the culture around you. Great marketers keep a finger on the pulse of the culture. Be able to study and evaluate the world around you. Do this through reading books, following people, and listening to conversations online and in-person. Marketing and promoting come first in business, everything else comes second. 


I cannot say this enough: To create the optimal output you must have quality input. Have a game plan to keep your mind focused on what is important. It is easy to become discouraged and distracted. Fill your mind with affirmation and encouragement to stay focused. You must be deliberate in working on your mindset in order to believe in your success.  

Focus on the truth and what you are capable of doing. This will silence the critics who tell you otherwise. Seek out personal development and remove the damaging dialogue you have with yourself.  

You must be deliberate and consistent with self-talk. Giving yourself negative dialogue sabotages the work you put in. Giving yourself positive dialogue energizes you toward success. Fix your dialogue, upend the belief systems holding you back, and have faith that you can do this! Because you can! You’re the boss. You’re the CEO of you. Stop doubting and go for it!  

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