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Building a Leadership Team

Having a team at the head of your company becomes a necessity at different points for different business owners. Some people have no problem carrying the extra load either because they just aren’t that busy or they know no other way.

However, if your business is successful at some point, you’ll need a solid leadership team to help you keep things running optimally.

Think of this article as a companion piece to Building a Management Team. In that article, we went over more of the structure of the team and how it works. The suggestions in this article are meant to help you before and while you are on the mission to build your ultimate team.

Start Within

Look at yourself first. What is everything you are doing now? Are you approaching everything in the best way possible? Maybe there are a couple of areas that should have been delegated off a while ago.

Start with just a couple things you’d like to see executed differently with a team vs DIY. Move on to figuring out what tasks you can delegate out. You might not need the entire executive suite right away.

Then before moving on, understand you’re building a team. You’ll need to get on-board with some changes and working as a team. This can be a sore spot for someone who’s done things one way for an extended period of time. Just realize, an expertly-crafted team will be an excellent support for you down the road along with ensuring operations run smoothly.

Be Selective

Turnover is never good anywhere in a business. You especially don’t want any kind of turnover in your top ranks. This also isn’t a time for nepotism; you want qualified people in these positions.

This is a time to think very carefully and make the best calls for the company. Gather as much information as you can on your prospects. In the interview; is this person excited about the company? Can you see yourself working with this person? Look for great character and someone who’s ready to be on your team.

Taking the time to make wise decisions now will pay itself back very quickly. It could be taxing, building a leadership team isn’t easy. But if you need a team around you, make the best picks the first time to avoid a lot of potential headaches.

Ask for Suggestions

If you find yourself running into some walls, seek some outside council. The best choice would be someone you trust, with some sort of experience in business or management.

If you don’t have immediate access to the guidance of a successful entrepreneur, look to someone with some life experience you trust. It’s easy to get caught up in your own head; some third-party perspective can be a big help during these times.

Be Appreciative and Build

As you start filling seats, build on what you’re setting up. Give some guidance on what you need from a department and then hand the responsibility to your new hire.

Everything might not be precisely as you envisioned, but, if it’s working, appreciate it. Don’t let yourself get wrapped up in minor differences with execution; only a few things are worse than micromanaging. This isn’t to say if a job isn’t getting done to grin and bear it.

Instead what I mean is this… When there’s a job you’ve been doing for some time, you know how you execute those tasks. Your new blood in the office might just have a different way of doing these things, and that’s not inherently wrong. Instead, appreciate successful delegation and continue building the system.

This is a big task for anyone, very easy to become overwhelmed. But, as was mentioned before, taking the time to build a leadership team is well worth it. This is an asset your company will depend on every single day.


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