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Building A Wealth Focused Mindset

Do you ever wonder why you haven’t “made it” yet? Chances are you haven’t upgraded your thinking. We’ve talked about upgrading your relationships and skills and about input vs. output. But have you put all of those together? Becoming a better person professionally and personally takes commitment and hard-work. Have you given any thought into upgrading your thinking? To get to the next level you have to adopt next-level thinking.  

Some people appear to attract success. What is it that sets them apart? Right now, you and I live in a world with more opportunity than ever before. The problem isn’t that opportunity hasn’t come along yet, the problem is that you have failed to see it. 

You must train your mind to be wealth focused. Find resources that work. They are out there!  

Once you get the material, you have to implement it. It isn’t just about absorbing the material, you have to act on what you read and hear. Be consistent with implementing it. You have to create new habits by first marinating your mind with the thought patterns of those who are already proven successful.  

There is a resource out there for you of someone who has succeeded in the industry/field you are interested in. Find them. Listen to them. Read what they have to say. Make them your mentor. Implement what they do. 

Feed your mind with books on money consciousness. You have to have a money mindset to make money. Train up your mind so that when a money decision or opportunity is presented your instincts kick in and you can make the decision promptly.  

Ground yourself in information to be ready at any moment to make the decision. 

You never know when an opportunity, like this one, will present itself. Have the necessary knowledge before hand so that you don’t miss it when it appears.  

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  1. Mary Mullen on May 19, 2018 at 10:20 am

    Good refresher.. I still cannot reach the live power half hour of power live. I usually listen to it later in the day but I wish I could be with the group.

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