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Creating Your Best Life Now

Do you jump out of the bed every morning ready to tackle the day? Why not?  

What is it about your life that motivates you? What is the “why” behind your dreams?  

There are many reasons we hide from living our best life. But the number one reason is fear. We settle for a mediocre life because we are afraid of the unknown. We are satisfied with the mediocre because at least we have a paying job.  

“A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do.” ~ Bob Dylan 

If you settled and aren’t doing what you love in the “in between” are you successful? What would you fill your day with if it could be anything your heart desired?  

Do you love to travel? The laptop lifestyle gives you the flexibility to take your work with you, to make your own hours.  

Is your partner often relocating for his/her career? Working from home allows you the opportunity to keep your job and your partner.  

Are you a caregiver for a sick child, spouse, or parent? The laptop lifestyle allows you to be present, work around their needs, and when necessary take the office to the Doctor’s office with you.  

Are you tired of your hard work being dictated by someone else? Are you tired of their always being more work than money?  

What does your best life look like? Everyone’s answer is different, because everyone is different. My dreams won’t be the same as my neighbors, or yours. The best way to live cannot be dictated by a 9 to 5 boss, it can only be defined by you.  

Working from home is not simple. It can be hard but with the right coaching and training you can take back your TIME. Time for the people and the things you love can become the focus of your life. A digital lifestyle will become the conduit that gets you there.  

Before you can create your best life working from home, you should know what “your best life” looks like. Here are a few simple questions to ask yourself as you develop your why and begin focusing on your dreams.

  • Why am I currently working where I am? 
  • What passions/ hobbies/ interests am I neglecting because I am always working? 
  • What would change if I work from home? 
  • What benefits would I bring to my household/ friends/ community if I were available more? 
  • What would life look like if I were debt free? 
  • If I had the more money what would I do with it? Travel? Retire? Give to charity? Send my kids to college?

Once your why is clearly set in your mind, you need to get it on paper. Cut out pictures of your dreams, write your goals on sticky notes, put them where you will see them throughout the day.  

Creating visual reminders helps in moments of negativity, when fear starts to creep back in. Pictures keep us on track to our goals and remind us why we began in the first place.  

Working from home opens up a whole new community of likeminded people. You’ll meet others like you who are striving for better. You’ll get support from likeminded peers and begin to see things shift in your life. You’ll discover you have more time and money to do what matters most to you. 

Let go of the fear. Know that your best life is attainable. Ready to learn how? to see how people just like you have taken control over their lives into their own hands through working with a company like LDI.

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