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Develop An Appetite For Your Dreams

What are you hungry for? What is it that is fueling your drive and your passion? What are your goals? Are they legitimate desires or fake hunger? Let me explain. 

Your fake hungers may be distracting you. It is important to identify them and then hunger for something tangible and real. 

Need for Approval 

When we hunger for the approval of others we are handing them control of our lives. Being a people pleaser will steer you off course from pursuing your dreams.  

You MUST realign your focus. If you are busy worrying that you will disappoint or lose favor with others than your focus is on their dreams not your own. When you hunger for approval you forget that giving your best self, living your best life, and living up to your full potential is how you give your best to others. You cannot be all and do all for others and still have room for you. 

In order to stop being a people pleaser you have to be yourself. To be yourself, you have to know yourself. This takes courage. It takes purposely choosing courage over fear. Knowing who you are makes all the difference in your future success. You have to be your authentic self in order to honor who you are. When you look in the mirror and see someone whose life experiences have brought him or her to today, then you are on the right track to success. 

Honor who you are in the decisions you make. Identify your fears and the reasons behind them. Know if you are giving into the fake hunger for approval.  

Desire for Fairness  

It’s natural to desire fairness but this is a hunger that will never be satisfied. The world simply is not fair.  

Instead of hungering for fairness, go out and combat the natural state of unfairness with love and care for others. Don’t wait for the world to be fair. It won’t be. Instead of demanding fairness, create opportunity for others that wages war against unfairness.  

Know the Difference 

Not knowing the difference between needs, wants, and preferences distracts you from your ultimate goals. By knowing your needs, how your desires are created, and why you preferences are what they are, you will better understand yourself.  

It is important to focus on the actual needs that define your personality. By needs, I’m not talking about shelter and food but on what fuels you as a person.   

When we let go of our fake hungers and focus on the truths of our personality we begin to understand how to succeed in life. We begin to understand how to define success in our own life and how to work towards reaching those goals. Develop an appetite for your dreams and pursue them fiercely! 

Let go of the need to have others approval and take control of your own life. Let go of the disappointment of unfair systems and start working to create fairer systems that benefit others. Be a world changer. Start by taking a good hard look in the mirror and getting to know you. Then go be the best version of you there is!  


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  1. Hyrette Guenther on May 16, 2018 at 9:49 am

    I so look forward to Jeff Lerner and his timely wisdom.
    I first joined LDI in November 2017. I need a mentor that takes interest in me and not my money.
    I need to move forward. I have always achieved my goals with someone that can help me succeed.
    Do you have to have money to go to the next step?? If so, then we need mentors that can teach us how to increase our worth and then proceed to the next steps along the way.
    I am a positive person and I need to work on myself in achieving my goals. I guess I am unsure of what direction to go. I really love LDI and my desire to succeed is very high.

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