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Do You Know How to Make Decisions?

Did you know that the average CEO only needs 65 percent of the relevant information to make a decision?  

Waiting for 100 percent certainty can actually cost you time and money. Sometimes, just making the decision itself is what’s important. Choosing to not decide is a decision in and of itself – and it’s a bad one. Choosing to not choose is choosing to be distracted, to procrastinate, and to not take responsibility for your life. Truly successful people know the power of quick decision-making 

Are you familiar with the word despot? It means someone who has absolute power and authority. When it comes to your life, you need to become a despot. You need to take control and authority of the direction you are headed, and the best way to do that is to become skilled in the art of decision-making.  

Don’t get stuck in the past, questioning your decisions. I truly believe that the universe punishes us when we spend too much time looking back. There is a reason time only moves one way. It moves forward. And so must we. 

If you’re considering a decision while looking only for the exit strategy, then you’re not ready. If you’re looking for the refund policy before making a purchase, then you’re already looking for a way out. (You can thank Oprah for that nugget of wisdom.)  

How to Make Decisions 

Begin to set governing principles for your life. Know what your values are, dig deep, and discover what’s important to you. If you know the rules that guide your life, then when it comes time to make a decision you will know what to do. 

Think of it this way: a judge does not decide what is right or wrong. A judge looks at the evidence presented and weighs it against an already established law. The verdict comes down to whether or not the law was broken. It’s the same when making decisions. If you know the laws that govern your life, then when it comes time to make a decision you only have to weigh the information presented against those values. It really is that simple.  

The first thing you have to do is create a very clear set of rules. Think of them as the 10 commandments of your life and stick by them.  

Decision-making requires action, and action is what propels a person forward. Don’t get stuck. 

Are You Ready for This Decision? 

Indecisiveness is detrimental. Mistakes can be corrected, but missed opportunities cannot be recaptured.   

I have a business opportunity for you. Weigh it carefully against your values, read other people’s results, watch this video, and make the decision for yourself. 

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