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Do Your Job

Do you know what your job should be? It may not be in what you’re spending the majority of your time doing.  

You need to be specializing rather than generalizing. You need to figure out what portion of your business brings you the most satisfaction. In what part of your business are you the strongest? Where do you excel? What is it that you are doing that brings in the greatest results for the whole team? Figure this out and learn to delegate the rest. Learn to build a team you trust.  

Put the majority of your efforts into the areas that create the most benefit. Stop spinning your wheels on tasks that others are more equipped at. Not sure how to do this?  

I’m a strong believer in working smarter, not harder. Prioritize your skills and learn how to utilize the skills of others. This is a necessary skill in the life of any CEO, entrepreneur, or small-business owner. Don’t get bogged down in the details, the equipment, the software you don’t know how to use, or the busywork. Surround yourself with team players who know how to keep these aspects of the business running and who allow you to focus on maximizing your skills to the fullest. 

What would it take to focus on your strength? 

What type of team players do you need in order to do your job well? 

What is it you are focusing on today that you can resource out to someone more skilled? 

We believe at LDI that the best way for you to succeed is to allow you to focus on your No. 1 income producer. We want you to fine-tune your marketing skills and earn while you learn. Watch this video and discover what it means to specialize not generalize.  

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