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Don’t Get Stuck in Seasonal Slack

Christmas is a time that magnifies the truths of our lives. It intensifies beliefs we hold all year long. 

During the holidays I double down, I press harder. This holiday I’m focusing on the word accountability. Just because I have more distractions and more opportunities doesn’t mean I can neglect my yearlong strategy. Don’t wait till January to start pursuing your dreams. Do it now.   

This time of year, it’s easy to slack off. The culture around us tells us to stay busy, to pursue fun, and to set aside the goals we work on the other 11 months. Like any time of year, we begin to imitate those with whom we spend the most time. For me, a big part of accountability is to inoculate myself against the tendency to be affected by what other people are doing. I want my focus, commitment, and drive to stay on track. If I want to be successful year-round, if I want to continue to make the money that feeds the ability to be charitable during this season and every other, then I have to stay focused.  

So how do you inoculate yourself from the influence of others? 

We all say we are going to do something but then struggle to follow through with it. Accountability to oneself is tough. 

The solution is simple. 

Declare publicly what you are going to do. Loudly and publicly declare your intentions so that it becomes a commitment. Have enough self-worth to offer to the world who it is you want to be. 

If I had never stuck myself out there and leveraged the need to be consistent and committed to following through with the words I said publicly, then I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am now.  

If your desire is to increase your income, then the best way to start making money is to declare your dream to the world. Tell them what you are going to do. Declare publicly your commitment and desire to do it.  

This public declaration helps you say no to other things. It helps you focus by removing the distractions. Declaration adds the social pressure to succeed and encourages forward movement. What is it you need to declare publicly?   

Be accountable to the person you want to be, not the person you’ve been. Don’t shy away or fear the unknown. Don’t wait until January to pursue your dreams. Start now. 

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