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Episode 5 – “The Ultimate Marketing Machine” with Craig Simpson



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On to today’s Episode…

If I asked you: what do you think is the best performing marketing media today, what would you guess?

Google, Facebook, YouTube?

You may be right. All three are great, for some businesses. And surely these are the BIG 3, the most popular today. But there is a stark difference between most popular and best-performing.

What if I told you the most reliable, predictable and profitable marketing media today is… drum roll please…

Direct Mail.

Surprised? Most are shocked. They’re even more shocked when they learn that the top Internet companies in the world send massive amounts for Direct Mail each month to get new customers…

How could this be? Didn’t Direct Mail die when the Internet was born? Isn’t everything just online today?

Not so fast my friend… The mediocre majority will have you believing this but the wealthy minority know better…

In fact, Google, Facebook, and Ebay are a few that come to mind for me. They’re all huge Direct Mail players. And almost all of the top eCommerce giants today send full page catalogs in the mail these days. Personally, I receive a bunch each week in my mailbox. And I BUY from many of them. More on that in a moment.

As I learned early on… You follow the money and you follow facts, not opinions and fads. And in this Episode of SuccessLab Radio, we will do just that!

I’ve invited the nation’s leading authority on Direct Mail, Craig Simpson, into The Lab today to take us behind the scenes and into the private, lucrative world of Direct Mail Marketing…

Craig has managed thousands of direct mail campaigns and grossed hundreds of millions in revenue for his clients over the past 15 years. He is a respected speaker on the topic of direct mail and he is the co-author with Dan Kennedy in The Direct Mail Solution. Under Craig’s direction over the past year, my partners and I have mailed hundreds of thousands of Direct Mail pieces that grossed an extra $1 Million in revenue. This accounts for about one quarter of our company revenue at this time and our goal is for our Direct Mail Marketing to ultimately drive the majority of our company’s revenue over the next few years. I’ll tell you why, in a moment.

Today, in this Episode of SuccessLab Radio, we want to show you how you too can install this reliable, predictable and profitable Marketing Machine into your business so that you can show up like no one else and attract a whole NEW type of customer. Craig, welcome to the Lab.



In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • How mailing rocks set Craig onto the path of working in the amazing world of Direct Mail. 
  • The diverse groups and companies that have found a huge benefit from using Direct Mail. 
  • The impressive numbers behind Direct Mail that show us it is strong and here to stay. 
  • The fascinating data that Direct Mail provides, and how Craig acquires it to become readily available to the client. 
  • The real truth: is someone sharing your data every time you buy something? (the answer will shock you) 
  • How to go from being a buyer in the data, to getting access to the buyer data. 
  • The difference between the quality of customer, connection to the product or service and conversion between those who come through Direct Mail vs. online. 
  • Why Direct Mail is the best marketing tool for the phrase Dan Kennedy coined as “selling in a vacuum”. 
  • The top three items that must be present for a successful Direct Mail campaign. 
    • A great list of prospects to mail to. 
    • The copy and the creative. A persuasive message that is benefit driven and focused on the prospect. 
    • A compelling offer that calls for action. 
  • The execution of renting the list, printing the mail piece, mailing it out, and tracking results. 
  • Why the fact that Direct Mail is a sophisticated scenario is a good thing. 
  • The power that Direct Mail has to make internet marketing even better. 
  • The two ways to play the game: Do you sell from the mail or do you do lead generation from the mail?
  • How Boomers are one of the best audiences for Direct Mail campaigns, and other generations you might not guess. 
  • How many cost moving parts it takes to get in the game. 
  • The ultimate game changer move that Apple made since their meteoric rise, allowing them to leapfrog over every other technology company. 


Words of Wisdom:

  • “The starting point is always identifying who your best customers are.” 
  • “The most important thing is buying habits.” 
  • “We are in a world where data is king.” 
  • “Keep an eye on your mailbox, because things aren’t showing up on accident.” 
  • “Sure, you can acquire customers online, but how long are they going to stay?” 
  • “You’ll always find the Direct Mail guy or gal with spend more money and stick with you longer.” 
  • “Even with the best copy of the world, you won’t get a good response with a bad list.” 
  • “If you aren’t going to track your campaign, it’s not worth doing it at all.” 
  • “We get them offline, but we don’t keep them offline.” 
  • “Anything about direct mail is what I get excited about.” 


Special Resources Mentioned On The Show:

The Direct Mail Solution: A Business Owner’s Guide to Building a Lead-Generating, Sales-Driving, Money-Making Direct-Mail Campaign by Craig Simpson and Dan Kennedy 

Ken Roberts
The Direct Mail Book
Simpson Direct


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