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How Consistent Are You?

We’ve talked about consistency before but are you implementing this important tip? When you wake up every morning do you have a game plan in place or are you still just winging it?  

If you have not created a daily agenda, stop what you are doing right now and put one together. This is top priority for your success. The #1 undisputed success factor is consistency. There is no getting around it.  

When you wake up first thing in the morning what do you do?  

Start your day by reminding yourself of your goals and then reading something motivational or business related. What is it you are reading right now? Is it adding value to your business, taking you closer to your goals, or is it just filler? Be purposeful in what you fill your mind with.  

Set time aside in your day to focus on marketing and to evaluate your finances. As the CEO of You, Inc., you must continually be on top of your marketing and financial situation. Know what is going on, the direction it is heading, and track the success and lessons along the way.  

Set time aside every day to build relationships. If you are not investing in relationships, you will be missing out on life value as well as business value. Learn to create balance in your life. Your goals are important but not solely what it is important. If you are so focused on making money that you forget the people around you that you love, is hitting your goals really worth it? Evaluate daily if your goals are actually pointing you toward your best life and readjust course as necessary. Money is supposed to work for you, you aren’t supposed to work for money.  

At the end of the day, read something motivational and inspiring. Then remind yourself of your goals. Do exactly what you did to begin your day. Bookend your day with your dreams and the belief that you can reach them. 

Be consistent in your efforts. If you haven’t yet started, know that today can be a fresh start. Don’t wait to tomorrow to start, start pursuing your dreams NOW. 


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  1. Shawn Cochran on May 8, 2018 at 4:50 pm

    I am ready to get moving on my dream to make money and be successful.

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