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How Do You Define You

Do you know who you are? Sometimes how we define ourselves limits us from moving forward. Our perceived definitions keep us within our comfort zone rather than encourage us to move forward.

If you are stuck in the same day-to-day cycle and have stopped pursuing your dreams, then it’s time to redefine yourself. It is time to change your mindset and pursue your best life now.

Whom do you surround yourself with? Are they people who are coddling you, telling you there is no need to grow as an individual because you have already arrived? Let me tell you the truth: there will always be an area of you that needs improvement and refining. Those who tell you there is no longer room for growth do not have your best interests at heart.

Sabotage comes not only from those around you. Are you sabotaging yourself with the limits you place on your own definition of you? Are you even ready for success? Are you comfortable where you are? If you aren’t willing to push the boundaries of your abilities, then this opportunity isn’t for you. We are only looking for the 3 percent who are doers.

The fastest way to change your identity is to do something you normally wouldn’t do. Reach outside your comfort zone and try something new. Try a new hobby. Take up skydiving or go repelling. Do something that terrifies you and discover the euphoria of conquering that fear. You are your greatest critic. You are your greatest roadblock. And only you can take the necessary steps to change.

See, success isn’t about luck. It has to do with the work that led to it. It has to do with discovering the pursuit and the individual moments that bring you joy and harnessing them into the standard of your life. It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone to create the best possible you.

Your definition of you matters. It matters because it makes all the difference in your future success. When you look in the mirror and see failure, you will fail. When you look in the mirror and see someone whose life experiences have brought him or her to today, then you are on the right track to success.

Your past failures do not define you. The critics surrounding you – or the ones in your head – are wrong. Only you can determine if success lies ahead. Only you can decide when to take hold of the opportunity right in front of your face.

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