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How To Become A Great Entrepreneur

One of the keys to becoming a great entrepreneur is to find the middle path. This is a learned skill, to see and hear the extremes and find the truth in the middle.  

Finding Truth 

Not wanting to point out the obvious but the media tends to report on the extremes, though the vast majority of people hold to values and beliefs somewhere in the middle. Learning to find the truth in the middle of two extremes is really about becoming the greatest version of yourself.  

There is no one size fits all. Each of us holds our own truth on how to succeed. For an example of this look to some of the greatest athletes. They each found their own way, their own truth, to arrive at success. What worked for one did not work for all.  

Group vs. Self 

One of the greatest skills you will ever learn is how to balance the advice and guidance of the community with your ability to find your truth. Learn to have the confidence and faith that your self-interest is a positive thing. Great things are achieved when we look at our own lives to find how to improve them. Ideas are born through self-interest. You identify a problem in your own life, and then you fix it.  

We learn better in groups. Accountability to one another helps us gain momentum, stay consistent in pursuing our goals, plus being a part of a larger community is fun. While group knowledge, group goals, and group accountability are all great—there is danger in group truth. Truth must hold an element of individualism. When the group forgets the strength of the individual, it robs the community of greatness.  

As a community, there is great energy and motivation to build our skills. But to become a great entrepreneur you must become a unique entrepreneur. There isn’t just one way.  

Look to the group for experience, connection, knowledge, and support. But forge your truth!  

Become A Great Entrepreneur 

To become a great entrepreneur, you must discover the perfect balance of community and individualism. Begin by being the most knowledgeable in what everyone else is doing. Surround yourself with successful people, learn from them. Watch our 16 Steps to 6 Figures, learn from us. Once you have acquired the group knowledge, you will be ready to strike out on your own and forge your own path!  


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