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How to Become More Disciplined

There are three Ds of accomplishment that will push you ahead of the competition. I’ve mentioned them before. In fact, I’ve mentioned them here in a Half Hour of Power. But today, I want to focus in on only one of the three big Ds.

Not all of the Ds are attributes that you can grow, but discipline is.

Before you begin to work on strengthening your discipline first ask yourself where you are at.

  • Have you counted the cost? Nothing is free.
  • What are you giving up in order to pursue your dreams?
  • Have you clearly identified what has been holding you back and are you making concentrated efforts to create intentional habits to push you forward?
  • Do you delay gratification, choosing to do what is hard first?
  • Are you ALL in?
  • What are you doing every single day to become a better version of you?
  • What are you doing daily for your business?

The good news about discipline is that it can offset talent any day of the week. Discipline and consistency will outshine education and knowledge every day. It’s the little moments when you don’t want to show up and you do anyway that make the difference.

Discipline is the ability to put off the momentary pleasures for the larger payoffs down the road. It’s the ability to say no to the distractions and keep the eye on the prize. To develop discipline, focus on just one thing until you have succeeded at it.

Here’s a new word for you.


Have you heard it before? It means to repeat something insistently or redundantly. That’s what discipline is. It’s the drive behind becoming so focused and intent on something that you have it on repeat. You ingrain it into who you are until it becomes a part of you.

When we say a person is well-disciplined, it is not a compliment that comes lightly –it is one that is earned over time.

Discipline is something that can be taught and learned. If it is not something you currently have, start surrounding yourself with people who do have it and watch it rub off. Start following those who know that smart work plus hard work plus consistency pays off.

If you haven’t yet, take a quick look at our 16 Steps to FREEDOM and discover how showing up every day leads to results! Opportunity doesn’t fall in your lap. You have to be willing to grab it when it comes along.

Are you ready?

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