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How to Find Your Desire

According to Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich, the number one quality for success is desire.  

According to Hill, without desire, there is no possibility for obtaining wealth.  You must want it so badly that failure is not an option. There isn’t a parachute or an off-ramp. There is only one end goal and that is success.  

You must possess DESIRE and that desire must be for something definite.  

There are three Ds of accomplishment that will give you the leading edge against your competition. I’ve mentioned them before in a Half Hour of Power. Last week we broke down how to become more disciplined and the day to day consistency it takes to get ahead.  

The other two Ds are attributes you can grow. Desire is one you must find.  

To find what motivates you, look to your strengths. What are you good at? Your strongest attribute is where your energy and effort should go. Learn to do what you love and delegate the rest 

In school, we were always taught to focus in on our weaknesses, to make them stronger. Well, now I’m telling you the exact opposite. Find talented people who are strong where you are weak and put them on your team. Focus your energy into what you love and put your effort into strengthening your strengths.  

If you spend all your time strengthening your weaknesses then your strengths will begin to falter. School is about being average. Your goal is to surpass excellence.  

Without desire, there is no possibility for success. You have to want something in order to find it. Success does not simply fall into your lap. You have to dream up the possibility before you can implement a plan to achieve it.   

To achieve anything, you must first desire it. Without desire, you cannot visualize the future. To fully claim ownership of your present and your future, you have to understand your strengths, weaknesses, and your wants. 

Here’s another little secret. Desire leads to increased discipline.  

Once you understand what you desire, implementing new habits and strategies to increase your discipline becomes easy. Your desire paints the picture of where you are headed. It gives you the ‘why’ behind your daily choices. Once you can see the destination, it becomes easier to show up every day, even to the tasks you don’t always want to do.  Once you understand why you are doing them, they have the strange ability to even become enjoyable.  

Desire fuels success.  

Learn to nurture your desire, to focus in on it, and to harness the power of it. Train your mind daily by reading aloud your goals and setting yourself to the task of accomplishing them.  

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