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How to Have High-Value Relationships

To find success, you need to build a network. If you are just starting out, how do you begin to build high-value relationships? Where do you begin? 

Simple. You begin with you.  

Success does not magically appear because you wish for it. Relationships do not form because you want them to. There has to be more than “want.” There has to be commitment and consistency. 

To attract successful people, you have to be worth their time, too. 

Put it this way. 

You don’t want to be the smartest in the room, but you definitely don’t want to bring the least amount of value to the group either. When you add value to a relationship, you will be able to take value.  

Over and over again, you hear Andrew and I saying your input must be greater than your output. It’s the same in relationships. You must be investing value INTO the relationship before you can begin to WITHDRAWL value from the relationship. You must be a better you to attract better people into your circle.  

Results take time. Start with education, become a lifelong learner. Start with failure and begin to see how it brings opportunity. Start with gaining experience. Start building a network.  

Don’t build just any network. Don’t grab the 10 closest people around you and say, “Ok this is my tribe.” No! Be intentional. Look to your left, is that person adding to your worth or are they so busy making with drawls that you are depleted around them. Now look to your right, what about that person? It may be time to do some pruning to make room for those who desire that you succeed in life.  

It’s time to make your circle full of people whose success you are routing for, and who are routing for you! 

Results start with key relationships. Build relationships in your daily life. Find new people who are pursuing the same goals at events. Create high-value relationships by showing up with high value. Suddenly, building a high-value network will become simple.  

Be less concerned with building financial wealth and more concerned with building your personal value. How high value are you? Like attracts like. The finances will fall into place as you become more valuable.  

You have to constantly be working to get the slight edge. Ask yourself, “What is it I can do today that increases my value and my intelligence between the time I wake up and the time I go to sleep?” The tiny little improvements you make every single day compound over time.  This consistency is the difference that will separate you from the crowd.  

Take the first step today in attracting high-value relationships by watching our video 16 Steps to 6 Figures. Perhaps the step you need to take from ordinary to extraordinary is this one.  


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