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How To Realign Your Focus

Once you’ve set your mind to something, there are three things that can derail you – and all three have to do with where your focus lies. Emotions easily eat up time. If you aren’t in touch with where you are mentally, then surprises will pop up that take you off course.  

Let me explain. 

#1: Worry 

Worry is the top distraction of focus. It’s a surrender to fear. Worry fills your head with “what ifs” without offering any tangible action points for “if X happens, then I’ll do Y.” It feeds the critics in your own head. Don’t spend your time worrying about something that might not even happen! Instead, be a realist so you can see the possibility of obstacles to your goals and can plan accordingly. The focus shifts from possible pain (worry) to actionable solutions.  

#2: Pleasure 

Believe it or not, pleasure can steer you off course, too. It’s another attention grabber. It’s especially tempting to seek out immediate gratification in the throes of fear. The desire for pleasure distracts from the end goal by pulling you off course in the midst of your pursuits. 

#3: People Pleasing 

Are you a people pleaser? The demands of others can draw you away from your goals. Worry and pleasure play into this. You worry that you will disappoint or lose favor when you stop chasing after other people’s dreams. You forget that giving your best self, living your best life, and living up to your full potential is how you give your best to others. You cannot be all and do all for others and still have room for you.  

If you’ve succumbed to these three focus-killers, it’s not too late to change course. 

Success is about focus and determination. It has to do with the work that leads to it. It has to do with discovering the pursuit and the individual moments that bring you joy and harnessing them into the standard of your life. You have to know how you define you, what motivates you forward, and then you have to focus on your goals. 

Leadership is something you earn, but first you must stop being a follower. You can become a person worth following, but first you have to stop saying yes to everyone else’s needs. 

Stop worrying. 

Stop settling for instant gratification. 

Stop living someone else’s dream. 

Start living your best life now and focus on YOUR tomorrow. 

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