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How You Talk to Yourself Leads to Success or Failure

How do you stay upbeat, energetic, and optimistic? It’s important to be intentional in shaping your mindset. Keep yourself on the up. Make a deliberate effort to read, study, and listen to uplifting messages. 

You become what you consume. Don’t allow your mind to take in anything that is not uplifting or empowering. Don’t get bogged down with the negative swirling around you; rather, refocus and regroup. Input what will uplift your spirit and make you grow. Look for the positive. 

Seek out personal development. Push yourself to grow. 

Avoid damaging dialogue with yourself. What does this mean? We are each our own worst critic. Train yourself to believe in yourself. Top performers recognize damaging dialogue and deliberately work at uplifting inner dialogue. It’s easy to slip into the guilt of our past or anxiety about our future. Learn to recognize these thoughts and shut them down.  

If you can change your thoughts, you can change your life. Learning and practicing positive self-talk sets success into motion. There are a few simple steps you can take to move from self-doubt to self-belief. 

  1. Become aware. Make an effort to identify when you are engaging in damaging dialogue. Eliminate phrases like “I can’t,” “It’s too difficult,” or “I’m not good enough.”
  2. Have go-to positive affirmations. Replace the damaging dialogue with new phrases. Find a few that speak to your goals and who you really are and repeat them over and over again until they stick in your subconscious mind.  
  3. Filter out negative influences and replace them with positive ones. Is the news nothing but doom and gloom? Turn it off and pick up a self-help or business book. Do you have someone in your life who is negative about absolutely everything? Limit or eliminate your time with that person and seek those with positive energy. Learn to attract good company. 
  4. Confront your fears. One of the best ways to improve self-esteem is to tackle something that terrifies you.   

Feed your brain a healthy diet of motivation and self-growth. Back it up with action, game planning, and investment in your future.  

Fix the dialogue and upend the belief systems that are holding you back. Success is yours for the taking.  

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