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Is Money The Root Of All Evil?

How do you speak about money?  

The old saying, “Money is the root of all evil,” isn’t completely true and here is why: Money is the root of all evil if it is the only thing you love and if you pursue it at the cost of everything else. Money is the root of all evil if you let it control you rather than use it as the tool it is. This can go both ways. You can let money hold you back; making you unwilling to pursue your dreams or you can make it all-consuming as the sole fulfillment of your dreams. Neither is healthy.  

Money is an effective and necessary tool to live the life of your dreams. If you aren’t doing what you love every day then you are not successful. Money can help make your dream lifestyle a reality. It is a tool that you must learn to master.  

What would your day look like if money were not a question? Would you be traveling more? Would you be working from home? Would you be giving more of your time and larger donations to causes you greatly care about? Could your life partner quit that job he/she hates? Is there someone in your life you would be spending more time with or capable of taking better care of?  

The question you need to answer is: Are you tired? Tired of having more bills than money. Tired of working on someone else’s dreams and not your own. Are you sick and tired of not living the life you have always wanted? Today that can change!  

You’ve been waiting on the sidelines too long, letting others have control over the direction of your career and the direction of your life. Today is the day that’s going to change. Today is the day you say, “Enough!” and take the steps to make tomorrow better.  Today is the day you admit that you are dissatisfied. Today is the day you take action! 

Start by watching the 16 Steps to 6 Figures and learn how to be the master over your own life. Start living your dreams! 

At Lifestyle Design International we know how to make money work for us. We know how to utilize this important tool to leverage success.  Find out here how we have equipped others just like you to live their best lives today.    


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