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Is Your Input Greater Than Your Output

What are you filling your head with? In order to create a winning mindset, you must carefully be constructing what goes into your head. The more quality input that goes in the higher the quality of output will be.  

You need to be listening to podcasts, reading books, taking courses that align with your goals. Stop living in reaction mode and take control of your life by being deliberate in filling your mind with positive growth-oriented material.  

This concept is so simple but can be so difficult to maintain. We get busy. We drop the ball. We zone out on trash filling our time with fast food for our mind.  

Be deliberate and consistent in wiring your mind for success. 

Develop a routine to train your mind. Start your day with positive personal grounding developmental reading. Do this right when you wake up. While the tea or coffee is brewing read. Make it the first thing you do. Then, make it the last thing you do. Before you switch off the bedside lamp commit to reading 30 minutes over motivational personal growth or business development. Bookend your days.  

Commit to being a lifelong student. Commit to investing in yourself. Create study habit that help you retain what you read. Take notes and share them with others. Often the best way to learn is to teach. But, in order to teach you must first believe in yourself. Have the confidence that you have something to offer those in your circle, because you do. And the more you invest in yourself the more you will have to offer them.  

Your personal and professional life will reap huge rewards for the time you invest in shaping and retraining your mind. When you work on your mindset every area of your life is impacted. When you fill your mind with quality material and commit to give up the fast-feel-good-in-the-moment-junk your output will increase significantly.  

Learn how to become the CEO of you. Take ownership of your life and your mind. Success will follow!  

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