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Own Your Future!

Excuses have no place on a journey toward success. Obstacles will appear on your journey; there’s absolutely no way to avoid them and, honestly, you won’t want to. Why? Because obstacles and challenges build us into better people and better businesses. Without difficulties to overcome, we won’t become better. 

The problem is that ego often gets in the way.  

If you’ve ever struggled with a narcissistic boss intent on his way or the highway (despite the impending disaster everyone else around him can see), then you’ve seen ego in action. But what you probably haven’t yet realized is that you, too, also struggle with ego. 

No one likes to admit they’re wrong. No one enjoys admitting defeat. 

However, in order to live into your best life and find the success you have always dreamed about, you first have to take a good hard look at yourself to determine what has been holding you back. Is it the critics in your head, a lack of knowledge, a victim mentality that believes the opportunity just hasn’t been present, or is it one of a million other excuses?  

Excuses are easy to come by.  

The difference between those who have a winning attitude and those who don’t is in how they handle the obstacle. Remember: only 3 percent will succeed, and 97 percent are left behind. We can’t say this enough. The reason is the 97 percent stop believing. They let doubt, worry, fear, and ego crowd out the truth that success is within their grasp. 

To have a winning attitude, you must take full responsibility for whatever happens. This means checking your ego at the door.

At Lifestyle Design International, we have worked hard to simplify the learning process to get you on the track to success as quickly as possible. We’ve eliminated some of the more difficult, mundane aspects of the sales funnel by resourcing them out to get you working on a “earn as you learn” system. But you have to get your mind in the game. You have to let go of your ego, because you wouldn’t be here today if you could find success on your own.  

Let go of what you thought you knew. Chalk it up to lessons learned and experience gained. Let’s start fresh. Believe me, you won’t regret it!  

Success is simple when you eliminate the distractions. 


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