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Tap Into Our High Quality Training and Resources From Top Sales and Marketing Experts

6 Steps To Freedom Training


Our proprietary online training course reveals the 3 online business models you can immediately learn and launch to pursue a life of freedom! Taught by LDI Founder Jeff Lerner and his host of entrepreneur trainers, this course is sure to get you excited about the opportunities the internet has for you.


PREMIUM Training Marketplace
"All Access Pass"

Marketing and business tactics from leaders and other successful LDI members who have become COMPLETE ENTREPRENEURS!

Max Value Marketing Training System


An EXCLUSIVE training system specifically designed to teach you how to build a passive income online without having to bug your friends and family. Watch the "over the shoulder" videos that take you step by step through the entire process.  No stone is left unturned.

The Complete E-COM Incubator Training System


Online Ecommerce is HUGE.  From Amazon to Shopify and everything in between, many entrepreneurs are making 6 and 7 figure incomes with their very own e-commerce stores.

And now with our EXCLUSIVE E-COM incubator Training System, we take you behind the scenes and dissect the secret tactics of a $50,000 PER DAY e-commerce store.

For those entrepreneurs looking for a proven way to build an online e-com business fast, this training system is just what you've been looking for.


Local Marketing Accelerator Training System


Here's your chance to go from a complete novice to a highly respected professional as a local marketing consultant for small businesses.  Not only will you be dominating a niche that is in huge demand, but you'll enjoy one of the most rewarding businesses an entrepreneur could ask for.

Imagine being able to help local businesses setup their online marketing strategy, increase their social media activity,  and ultimately make more money for their business.

Local Marketing Consultants are in huge demand and command HUGE Fees for their services.  Here's your chance to learn how to become the "go to" agency that gets results!

The FREEDOM Experience


Over the course of three days, you’ll be getting access to Professional EntrepreneursBest-Selling AuthorsInc. 5000 Business Owners, and all around amazing people. Each and every FREEDOM Experience presenter has been hand-selected based on one thing: they ALL get big time results in their business.

You'll dive deep into the "5 Pillars of Entrepreneurship":

  • MissionEvery ultra-successful Entrepreneur has a clear vision statement and personal philosophy that drives their actions and their decision making.
  • Mindset: Every ultra-successful Entrepreneur knows that growing their mind is a prerequisite for growing their bank account.
  • Marketing: Every ultra-successful Entrepreneur is a master promoter and savvy advertiser of themselves and their business. Period.
  • Money: Every ultra-successful Entrepreneur not only can make money, but they also know how to turn their money into wealth.
  • Management: Every ultra-successful Entrepreneur has a system and/or an operations strategy for running their business smoothly. We’ll take you deep inside each one and help you connect the dots.

When you nail these 5 Pillars, YOU become a Complete Entrepreneur. And when you do, your business and your life will never be the same...

EXCEL Mastermind


"Discover A Mastermind Group That Helps Everyday Entrepreneurs Achieve Their Goals - FAST!"  You'll have the unique opportunity to network with TOP earners and leaders at the ELITE level and gain knowledge and advice that most entrepreneurs would never have access to.

You'll join us LIVE for our powerful 3-day, luxurious metro-city event with top earners and leaders in LDI. Plus connect with other Excel Members all year to get help, support and resources for massive growth in your online business!

TRANSCEND Publishing Partnership


As a TRANSCEND Publishing Partner you get:

  • Custom product co-branded with your name and image.
  • High converting sales funnel for your product
  • 4-day production workshop in Las Vegas with makeover, personal shopping, coaching, and training
  • Product placement in the Premium marketplace (affiliatize your offer to the entire LDI membership base can promote it)
  • ELEVATE-style webinar that sells YOUR product
  • Training on how to generate traffic to your product webinar through JVs and partnerships



With The COMPLETE ENTREPRENEUR Package you get:

  • Max Value Marketing Training Series ($997)
  • E-COM Incubator Training System ($997)
  • Local Marketing Accelerator Training System ($1997)
  • The FREEDOM Experience ($2997)
  • Excel Mastermind ($24,997)
  • TRANSCEND Publishing Partnership ($39,997)

Everything you need in ONE COMPLETE Package

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