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Success Leaves Clues

To find personal success, start by imitating people around you who are successful.  

How do you find them? 

Well, that’s simple: success leaves clues.  

Look for the dreamers. 

Look for the people who think big, who problem-solve, who see the solutions before the problem is evident to the rest of the world. Look for the dreamers and become one. 

Ask them what got them started. What were their dreams? Do they resemble where they are today? 

Then take a moment and define your dream.  

It will look different for everyone — and so will success. 

Look for the believers. 

The successful don’t wake up one day with everything handed to them. OK, a few come into the world that way, but if you’re already at adulthood and searching for success I’d venture to say that’s not you. It wasn’t me.  

I had to hit rock bottom, find a dream, and then believe I could accomplish it. And you need to dream and believe that, too.  

We were born for forward movement. 

We were born to find a purpose. Find yours and move toward it. You can. I did. Throw out the excuses. 

Look for believers around you. Who are the positive people who have thrown off excuses, see failure as stepping stones to success, and attack each day with a passion? 

Those are the successful people in your life. Surround yourself with them. Learn from them. 

Look for the doers. 

Success takes more than dreaming and believing. It takes movement. I can sit on the couch all day dreaming and believing I’m going to be the next greatest baseball player, but if I don’t get out there and do the work necessary, I’m going to find myself in a bar with a beer belly cursing the players on TV.  

Look for the doers, not the talkers. Find the people who have succeeded. Find the ones who are succeeding. Find them and then hold on tight. They are your opportunity.  

Do what they are doing until you find your own rhythm or until their rhythm becomes yours. 

Put your feet to action and pursue your dream.  

Finally, look toward your success. 

When you surround yourself with successful people, you begin to pick up their habits. You begin to naturally acquire their language, thoughts, advice, reading material, etc. Before you know it, you become one of them. 

Success loves company.  

There is room for everyone at the top.  

If you are looking for how to achieve anything you want, you have to first ask what you want, believe you can achieve it, and then be willing to change.  

Join us! We’re eager to see where this journey takes you and what your success looks like.  


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