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The Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Isn’t for Everyone

Are you living a no-excuses lifestyle or are you drowning in defeat?   I ask because until you are ready to take charge of your own life, take ownership of where you’ve been and where you are going, and stop blaming others, until then, you are not ready for this opportunity.   Excuses have no place here.  Obstacles and challenges make…

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[VIDEO] 3 Fixes To Remove The Fear Of Marketing

Check out our latest Half Hour of POWER Facebook Live training hosted by Jordan Mederich by pressing play on the video below…     If you liked this brief Facebook Live training, we invite you to join us for a LIVE “in person” training at our upcoming FREEDOM Experience. Info at:  

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How To Become A Great Entrepreneur

One of the keys to becoming a great entrepreneur is to find the middle path. This is a learned skill, to see and hear the extremes and find the truth in the middle.   Finding Truth  Not wanting to point out the obvious but the media tends to report on the extremes, though the vast majority…

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3 Habits of Wealthy Entrepreneurs

The small habits we create every day lead to momentous changes. To create the highest impact, habits need to be cultivated toward an intended goal.   If a habit is nothing more than a repetitive busy task it becomes a mindless mundane distraction. You want to develop habits that inspire and push you toward your best life.   The following are 3 habits cultivated…

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