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How to Have High-Value Relationships

To find success, you need to build a network. If you are just starting out, how do you begin to build high-value relationships? Where do you begin?  Simple. You begin with you.   Success does not magically appear because you wish for it. Relationships do not form because you want them to. There has to be more than “want.” There has…

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3 Ways to Predict Your Financial Future

If you are doing these three things, your financial future is on the path to success.   #1 What books do you read (or listen to)?  Predictor #1 of your financial future is found on your bookshelf. What books do you read or listen to? In order to be successful, your input must be greater than your output. Topics should…

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Live a Life of Your Design

How can you live a life of your own design?  You can start by building an online legacy that increases in value daily. Learn how to create passive recurring income by working smarter every day.  Know your goals. Make them SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely).  Surround yourself with others who are putting in the work…

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