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The Best Gift Is Investing in Yourself

Investing in yourself is the most profitable investment you will ever make. The simplest way to improve your quality of life is to prioritize your personal and professional growth. To be a part of the top 3 percent, you have to adopt a “play-to-win” mindset. The other 97 percent of the world gets stuck in the daily grind of playing in order to not lose. See the difference? By investing in yourself, you are playing to win. 

There are a few ways as we head into the New Year that you can do this.  

First, you must learn how to be an entrepreneur and use the tools at your disposal. We all learn at different paces, but what is important is to continue moving forward, to continue investing in yourself and your future. The ideas and tools necessary for your success are out there. In fact, we’ve compiled them for you in our 16 Steps to 6 Figures 

Success is within everyone’s grasp. It’s about acquiring the skills to get there, thinking creatively, and taking care of your body and mind.  

Let me ask you: what are you building? What is it that you are investing in? Is it in yourself, or is your focus scattered because you’re creating someone else’s dreams and forgetting your own? 

Improve your skills by investing in additional education. Acquire relevant certifications and take classes. Utilize training through workshops, conferences, and webinars. Keep current by reading books, white papers, and subscribing to the publications and blogs of the experts. Surround yourself with those who have already arrived where you want to be and soak in the advice they offer. Find someone who is successful and follow that person until you are ready to find your own way.   

Be creative. Explore your creativity and find ways to enhance it. Take a cooking class, learn a new language, read and implement photography advice. Do something you’ve never done before. Being creative is about trying something new and opening your mind to new possibilities. Learning to think outside the box will help you recognize opportunities when they are in front of you. You have to begin to see the world around you differently in order to bring about change.  

Take care of your body and mind. You only get one life – invest in your physical and mental health. Spend time daily exercising. It will relieve stress, keep you focused, and help you stay physically ready for any challenges life throws at you. The same is true of your mind. Do brainteasers and puzzles, meditate, keep a journal, set aside moments that are technology-free, and get plenty of sleep. Know your limits, push them – but know when enough is enough. Our bodies and our minds need rest and rejuvenation. Take care of you.   

Invest in yourself and you will discover new opportunities and more happiness. Don’t stand in the way of your own success because you fail to see your own value. Believe in you. Play to win – not simply to not lose. 


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