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These 2 Simple Steps Will Dramatically Increase Your Progress

Personal and professional life overlap, it’s unavoidable. The good news is when you better yourself professionally it spills into your personal life. The enthusiasm you grow in your professional life becomes contagious to those around you. You will begin to see progress professionally and personally when you implement these two simple steps: 

  1.  Upgrade your skills 
  1. Upgrade your relationships 

Upgrade Your Skills 

When you attend events, seminars, read books, join webinars or listen to podcasts, you are following through on a commitment to upgrade your skills through lifelong learning. Before you can begin to provide quality output, you must first invest in the input. This means you have to fill your mind and hone your skills before you are able to give your best to the world. If you don’t stay sharp, you won’t be sharp. 

Focus and plan how you will upgrade your skills. Do not approach the process nonchalantly. Have an actionable plan in place. Events are key as they spark a new sense of energy in you. Make sure to add them to your calendar. Learn to be intentional in your skill development. Maintain this new-found energy by committing to continually upgrading your skills between events.  

Upgrade Your Relationships 

Events are also great for motivating you because of the relationships you develop. Be intentional at maintaining these new friendships. Be deliberate in reaching out through email, phone calls or social media to connect and get to know each other better. 

Surround yourself with people who have similar goals and are striving to live better, fuller lives. Create accountability partners from others within your industry. People you meet through training sessions are a great place to start looking for the right fit. Keep each other motivated. Nothing will lift you and take you to the next level in your professional life as much as the relationships you build along the way.  

Evaluate Your Progress 

Ask yourself at the end of every week what kind of progress you made in the last seven days. Did you grow professionally or personally? How did you upgrade your skills? What relationships did you work on? Were you intentional about self- and relationship-development?  

Becoming a better person professionally and personally takes commitment and hard-work. Jeff and I know that to work smarter you must combine hard-work, skill and relationships. Our 16 Steps to 6 Figures highlights exactly what people need to start making big money – and fast! It is an upgrade to your skill set and is the first step in becoming a part of a much larger team where you can build lifelong relationships that are dedicated to your success. 


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  1. Michelle Lopez on March 18, 2018 at 10:01 am

    Thanks, Andrew! This is exactly what I needed today.

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