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What Creates Success?

What creates success? Or, perhaps the question you really have is: “Is there a secret formula for success?” 

While there isn’t a secret formula, there are some character traits prevalent in those who are successful. Most of these traits can be learned by creating habits. (Read: 3 Habits of Wealthy Entrepreneurs.)  

The following are just several of the traits that lead to success. 

Job descriptions are platforms. 

Successful people view their job descriptions as a platform. The mandatory tasks are a springboard for creating ideas to challenge them and go bigger. They do not let a job or a boss define who they will become. 

Overnight success is rare. 

Success does not happen overnight. In fact, you will fail along the way. It is what you do with the failure that will determine whether or not you succeed. The ability to create a winning mindset will set you up for long-term goals so that the setbacks of today do not derail the achievements of tomorrow. Success is created from the lessons learned along the journey. 

Goal setting is essential. 

Every day is an opportunity to move closer to your long-term goal. Before your feet are on the floor every morning, you should have your day planned. Focused and obtainable daily goals are essential. Short-term goals that are accomplished in a day, a week, or a month set you up for long-term success. If you cannot map out the details, you will never arrive at the finish. 

Accountability leads to success. 

To become successful, you must take responsibility for yourself. To improve as a leader and entrepreneur you must own your mistakes. Discover your weak areas and improve them. You are what you consume. Be selective in what you fill your mind with. Choose the things that will make you a better person in life and professionally. Surround yourself with people who will call you out on poor choices.  

Be prepared for change. 

Change can be overwhelming if we have not prepared for it. Remember that there will be course corrections along the way. Companies you partner with or use will readjust terms of agreement, customer engagement and needs may change, demand for products will fluctuate, and the culture around you will shift. Each of these changes is not a setback but rather an opportunity to learn and grow. If you refuse to change, ignore trends, and lose relevancy, then you will not be successful.   

At the end of each day ask yourself: “What have I done to move toward success?” It is the everyday pursuit that leads to big payouts. Overnight success is rare. Those who go above and beyond the mandatory, who set realistic short- and long-term goals, and who set themselves up as lifelong learners will reach their goals. When you are intentional about what you consume, when you surround yourself with others who will hold you accountable, and when you learn to work smarter rather than harder, then and only then are you on the path toward success.  

Our team can help you in every step of this journey. We are here to help you succeed.

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