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What Do You Desire?

What do you desire? 

The question sounds like it would come from a genie. While it’s far from me to grant you your wishes, if your desire is to find success and live your best life now, then I do hold the secrets to how to get there.  

Have you figured out yet how to achieve anything you want? Jeff and I have.  

You were born for forward movement.  

You were born to find a purpose. Find it and move toward it. Throw out the excuses.  

Look for believers around you. Who are the positive people who have thrown off excuses, see failure as stepping stones to success, and attack each day with a passion?  

Those are the successful people in your life. Surround yourself with them. Learn from them.   

Why What You Desire Matters 

Without desire there is no possibility for success. You have to want something in order to find it. Success does not simply fall into your lap. You have to dream up the possibility before you can implement a plan to achieve it.  

To truly desire something is to tell yourself there is no option but success. If it’s financial freedom and wealth you are after, then you implement a plan and you go after it. Success becomes an obsession. You become dissatisfied with where you are and determined to make changes. There is no second or third plan. Obtaining that which you desire is your goal.  

How Desire Moves You to Wealth 

Start by being clear about your intentions. Be honest about your desire. Name the amount that you wish to obtain and the date by which you want to obtain it. This is the first step in creating SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely). Fixate your thoughts on your goal. 

Know what it will cost you to pursue the goal. Don’t walk into it blindly. Nothing is free. Success takes time and resources. What are you giving up by pursuing this dream? Is the sacrifice worth the outcome? 

Create a clear plan and begin to implement it immediately. Stop waiting for tomorrow!   

Write out in detail your goals and how you will achieve them. Then read them to yourself every morning when you wake up and every night right before you go to sleep. Train your self-conscious mind that failure is not an option.  

Here’s the secret I promised: to achieve wealth, you must DESIRE it. Failure cannot be an option.  

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