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Why YouTube is a Marketing Powerhouse

YouTube is a social media giant. There’s no way around it; YouTube is a force to be reckoned with.

The audience is huge and video is the preferred method of content consumption for most people today. With YouTube, you have a massive audience that’s constantly watching videos; either at home or on mobile. It shouldn’t take too much imagination to start to see how much potential is in getting on YouTube.

What can all of this do for an entrepreneur? What are some of the advantages?

Become a Trusted Authority

High quality, informative videos build trust within your audience, as well as present yourself as an authority. It takes some effort and even a little bit of gear, but, producing a great video that people like will make your brand shine.

Think about this: seventy percent of the people using YouTube do it to figure something out or fix an issue. Over half of users just want to indulge a curiosity or learn something new.

It could be your video someone stumbles upon! If what you produce is of quality and value, it will make your brand look like a hero, and you have a good chance of getting some shares too. Which leads us to our next point.

Shareable Content

92% of people watching videos from their phones and mobile devices are sharing those videos. If your brand has a video that’s getting shares, that’s free advertising!

What’s even better, is these shares don’t exist on a contract that will run out as soon as your bank account does. Videos can have a pretty great shelf life and continue to get views, shares, and engagement for a long time.

A high quality, highly shared video will have a marketing ROI that simply smokes nearly any paid advertisement campaign. Over half of professional marketers identify video as the best ROI for any sort of marketing.

Huge Potential Audience

Around one-third of the entire internet is going on YouTube. There are over 1 billion users watching more than half a billion hours of videos every day. It’s like TV was in the ‘50s, everyone is there.

I could keep going on and on with entertaining stats, but, the message is simple. There’s a huge potential audience for your brand to be introduced to. Generate some views and people will begin to stumble on your brand’s channel a little more, which, will bring in the shares. It’s potential for a vicious cycle of brand awareness and marketing success.

Highly Engaging

Marketers are already getting the message. It’s been mentioned over half of marketers find the best ROI in video, these are the people who are doing it right. Over 85% of marketers are using video in their campaigns.

The reason is people get into video and they’re highly likely to engage. This means going deeper, going to your website, getting in touch in the comments section, etc.

Video also helps out with converting leads. Landing pages that utilize video can increase conversions by 80%!

It doesn’t matter what your industry is; there are people searching for videos on YouTube (and across the rest of the web) that talk about it. If you aren’t the one providing the answers people are looking for, your competitors probably will.


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